As recruitment consultants we link companies with people


We are fully aware of the current problems to find the suitable candidates for the active job openings. In a lot of industrial sectors it becomes a real challenge to identify appropriate applicants, particular for qualified specialists and managers.

Therefore more and more small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises are searching the support of reliable recruitment consultants in order to get the right people on board. A respectable recruitment consultant company can help companies to recruit adequate managers from junior specialist level up to executive level via direct search.


EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP Frankfurt – Andreas Matutt Personalberatung

Locally based and nationwide staffing of specialists and managers


At Andreas Matutt Recruitment Consulting – Frankfurt am Main, it is our ambitious aim to support our clients by suitable staffing of candidates via direct search within a reasonable timeframe.

It is our self-conception to work preferable for the hidden champions in small and medium sized businesses.

We do have a wide-ranging network from our Frankfurt office and we offer our direct search services within the region and nationwide. We are successful in placing the appropriate people to the companies, who are looking for them via direct search. We will only handle projects within the industrial sectors, where we do have the relevant competence and experience.

The Andreas Matutt Recruitment Consulting – Frankfurt am Main is partner of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP, an efficient network of specialized and experienced recruitment consultants.

The EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP is a nationwide network of experts with a long-term experience in HR management with a focus on recruiting, direct search of specialists and executive search of managers.

We are following an integrated approach; beginning with the definition of the exact profile of the vacancy, identification of suitable candidates, presentation of appropriate applicants and ending with the onboarding of the engaged employees.

We maintain our own talent pool and we are in permanent contact with potential candidates who are interested in new opportunities.

For interested candidates we provide coaching in e.g. application practice as well as active placement.


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